Clinical Laboratory Education

All-Access - Waived Testing Toolkit (CLR02)

The Waived Testing Toolkit provides instruction for producing accurate and reliable test results. Developed by laboratory medicine experts, it is designed to meet the needs of personnel in laboratories, urgent care centers, pharmacies, clinics, nursing homes, home health agencies, and more! The all-access option allows the training of multiple personnel up to 12 learners through COLA’s learning management system with the use of customizable documentation.

The All-Access to COLA Waived Testing Toolkit includes:
• 8 videos that easily guide you through waived testing best practices
• Customizable general laboratory procedures, logs, and forms for your organization
• Laboratory self-assessment tool to assess the level of regulatory compliance
• Staff competency assessment template

Benefits of COLA’s toolkit:
• Guidance on COVI0-19 test reporting requirements
• Blueprint to help minimize waived testing start-up and staff ramp-up times
• Procedures that facilitate quality testing and minimize costly waste
• Standardized training model to assist in reducing errors
• Time-saving templates to support consistency and efficiency
  • 1-Apply for a CLIA Certificate of Waiver
  • 2-Introduction to Waived Testing
  • 3-Why the Package Insert Matters
  • 4-The Value of the Procedure Manual
  • 5-Excellence in Pre-Analytical
  • 6-Excellence in Analytical Activities
  • 7-Excellence in Post-Analytic Activities
  • 8- SARS CoV-2 Reporting Requirements
  • All- Access Waived Testing Toolkit Feedback
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "8- SARS CoV-2 Reporting Requirements "